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GeM registration

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The Government e-Marketplace (GeM) is a government-run e-commerce portal. It is a one-stop to facilitate and enable easy online procurement of the Consumer Goods & Services that are needed by various Government Departments, Organizations and PSUs.

The government under the Allocation of Business Rules, 1961 had begun the GeM in 2017. Main objective of the GeM is to ensure transparency, efficiency and promptness in the procurement of supplies.

What is Public Procurement?

Government offices, just like private companies, have to buy goods and services for their operational and office needs.

Public procurement (government tenders) refers to the process by which central, state governments and PSUs buy goods and services from the private traders and manufacturers.

As government procurement requires to follow strict procedures in order to ensure that the purchase process is fair, efficient, transparent and minimizes On-Site of public resources.


With a GeM Registration, you can avail the benefits of smart trade & commerce offered by the government such as-

Public procurement (government tenders) refers to the process by which central, state governments and PSUs buy goods and services from the private traders and manufacturers.

  • e-bidding,
  • Reverse e-auction and
  • Demand aggregation to aid the government users and get the best value for their money.

Benefits of Sellers on GeM Registration

  • Assistance in trade

    All Government departments including Central, State Government and PSUs have to fulfill their purchase requirement only through sellers registered under the GeM portal. GeM registration has a great avenue for private companies business growth.

  • Direct Government Purchase

    Traders can sell their products of value up to ₹50,000/- at fair prices directly to the government buyers without bidding just like amazon and Flipkart.

  • Special Benefits for Startups

    There is an option for GeM registration as a startup on the GeM portal having unique and innovative product. The government has relaxed norms to procure goods from new Startup entrants.

  • Less paperwork

    There is minimum paperwork required to obtain GeM registration. Moreover, there is an easy and fair process for tender allotment under the GeM portal.

  • Transparency

    With online GeM portal- transparency, effectiveness, and speed have been enhanced during the procurement of required goods and services.

Benefits of Government buyers on GeM Registration

  • Buy Online

    Under the GeM portal, Government officials can search and procure almost all goods & services on GeM portal and can enjoy flipkart & amazon like online buying experience.

  • Transparency

    On the GeM portal, there is much transparency, effectiveness, and speed in the procurement of supplies which means that there’s fair trade.

  • Demand aggregation

    Demand aggregation feature further helps government departments to explore and compare more buyers for procuring the desired goods based on lowest price and product specification.

  • Less Approval

    With primary and secondary users facility under buyer GeM registration, government officials do not require approval every time placing an order from the GeM portal.

5 types of government tenders on GeM ?

i. Advertised Tender Enquiry

The government advertises requirement on GeM portal and Central Public Procurement Portal (CPPP) for procurement of goods and services. And give Invitation to sellers to apply tenders.

This method used by government organizations when the procurement of goods and services of the value of INR. 25 lakhs and above.

ii. Limited Tender Enquiry

This method is used when any goods and services regularly procured by government departments such as stationery, printer cartridge filling, water supply, etc.

Under limited tender inquiries, limited suppliers are impanelled by the Government Department.

Usually, Limited Tender Enquiry is used when the estimated value of the goods and services to be procured is less than INR 25 Lac.

iii. Two-Stage Bidding

This is a traditional method used to procure high-value items such as purchasing plant and machinery etc. and when any procurement requires to assess complex and technical specifications.

Under Two-Stage Bidding, tender is allocated to a supplier based on successfully passing below 2 stages:

  • Technical Assessment,
  • Financial L1 (Lowest Price) Bid
iv. Single Tender Enquiry

This method adopted when the availability of desired goods and services scarce in the open market or suppliers are very limited.

This method is very useful for startups having unique and innovative products. In order to empower startups, the government has also launched a special scheme “Startup Runway” for procuring unique and innovative products directly from startups.

There can be several circumstances such as

  • Only a single supplier is available to the best of the knowledge of the government department's officials.
  • When the procurement of goods is urgent and necessary to purchase from a particular known source.
  • When specific supplementary machines or spare parts required which is only compatible with existing procured machinery.
v. Electronic Reverse Auctions

Auction is what when you give a bigger bid to buy the auctioned item. Under Reverse auction, you bid a lower price to sell your product.

An Electronic Reverse Auction is a type of online auction available on GeM portal. Under electronic reverse auction, there is one buyer (government department) and many potential sellers (private companies). The sellers give lower bid to obtain business from the buyer and bid will typically decrease as the sellers underbid each other.

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Documents Required For GeM Registration

Registration Proof of Business

Registration Proof of Business

Certificate of Incorporation or

GST Certificate or

MSME Certificate

Last 3 years Financial Information

Last 1 year Financial Information such as Income Tax Return

Business Owner Details

Business Owner Details



Description of business

Description of business

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frequently asked questions

In order to obtain GeM Registration you must have following below documents ready:

  • PAN


  • Income Tax Return

  • Bank Details

  • Registration Certificate of business entity

Once you have all of the above documents, our professionals can help you register under the GeM portal.


In India, public procurement (government tenders) now done through a transparent platform of e-commerce portal known as GeM.

To sell your products and services, you must get GeM registration in the name of your business entity.

It is mandatory for all Government Ministries, Departments of the Central Government, and Autonomous & Statutory Bodies to publish their tender inquiries and details of requirement on Government e Marketplace gem(dot)gov(dot)inbefore buying anything. You may visit the GeM website from time to time to get access to all the tenders requirement across India.

GeM is an e-commerce portal where products and services can be sold to government buyers when products and services are listed properly.

You must upload product images, product specifications, price details, delivery terms, inspection, and test reports, etc in order to sell your products on GeM portal.

Our professionals can help you list your products and services properly.


GeM Startup Runway is a new scheme launched by GeM to allow startups companies to sell their unique and quality products to government buyers.

Startups having DPIIT certificate get special relaxation on GeM registration such as Prior Experience and Prior Turnover Proof relaxation, No Earnest Money Deposits, etc.

GeM Registration as a Primary User, is the first requirement for using the GeM portal. Basic Requirements for Registration on GeM are as follows:
  • PAN
  • Aadhaar
  • Income Tax Return
  • Business Registration Certificate

The purpose of getting a GeM registration is to ensure a smooth and effective procurement process for government offices requirement. Increase the transparency between private sellers and government buyers.

No, a primary user can't carry out procurement of supplies as a direct purchaser. He needs to choose the secondary users, i.e., buyers for procurement.
The following types of Authorized officers can register as Primary User on GeM who is equivalent to -
  • Deputy Secretary
  • Head of the Office at Sub Center / Unit 
  • Branch of a Government Organization
  • A PSU
  • Autonomous Bodies
  • Local Bodies
  • Constitution Bodies
  • Statuary Bodies
Any officer of the organization can register as a Secondary user on GeM. However, a Secondary user can't be below the rank of the Section Officer.

The main duties of a primary user are:
• Self registration
• Providing organization details
• Selection and modification of secondary users 
• Monitoring orders 
• Administration of GeM procurements 

Yes, our professional can assist you in obtaining GeM registration in your town as well.

No, You don’t need to be physically present for the process, India is an online catering platform all you need is an internet connection in your phone/computer and the required documents with you and we can get the job done no matters even if you are present at the remotest location of India.

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